Julie Capaldi, June 22, 2015

Yes, I have mountains of work to do, but I just had to go to Camp iRock this morning and get my “fix” of children excited about reading. It was even better than I expected. I went into one class and the children were so focused on their lesson that they hardly noticed me. I spoke briefly with the teacher, and she actually teared up as she shared with me how exciting it was to watch these struggling readers learning to read. Camp iRock is working- they are learning to read! This teacher also shared how wonderful it is to have the male mentors involved. The Y counselors and the Call Me Mister interns have been amazing!

The second class I visited was reading “Nubs,” the story about a Marine and a stray dog. THAT is one of the two books we have been furiously working on getting donated so the children can have their own copy. The children were so engrossed in Nubs story. I LOVE THAT BOOK!

Finally, I dragged myself away from camp and arrived at United Way to find two stacks of new books… donated by generous donors and friends who understand how important books are to children.